Due to COVID-19, Face to Face/Chrysalis events for Summer 2020 have been cancelled!

Welcome to the Nashville Upper Room Emmaus Community

Welcome to the Nashville Upper Room Emmaus CommunityWelcome to the Nashville Upper Room Emmaus CommunityWelcome to the Nashville Upper Room Emmaus Community

Men's Walk #201 and Women's Walk #202 CANCELLED!

Official Communication from the Upper Room, March 16, 2020

The CDC has recommended that for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the U.S.

More Information on Mass Gatherings

With an abundance of caution, we suggest that all Emmaus Ministries events be cancelled for the recommended time period.

Although this is very disappointing, it is one way of showing our love and concern for one another. We encourage all community leadership to use this time to strengthen their communications with:

  • Reunion groups
  • New pilgrims
  • Church partners

We are with you in the midst of our disappointment and we hold each of you in our hearts and prayers. We believe that God is still present with us in both the hosting and cancelling of our events and will continue to be with us in the future.

With prayers from the Emmaus Ministries staff,

Stéphane Brooks

“Doc” Hall

Geoffrey Parker

International Emmaus Ministries Office


The Upper Room

1908 Grand Ave. Nashville, TN 37212



877-899-2781 ext.7288

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The Walk to Emmaus

What is The Walk to Emmaus?

 The Link below will take you to The Upper Room Emmaus Website.  There is a lot of very good information about the Walk to Emmaus as well as a video produced by The Upper Room/Walk to Emmaus.  This video provides a good introduction to the Walk to Emmaus as well as testimonies and personal stories.

Upper Room Emmaus Website 

Please enjoy this article,  

How can I attend a Walk to Emmaus weekend?

 Applications to attend the Walk to Emmaus in Nashville are available in the downloads section of this website. Detailed instructions are provided on the form including where to send it when completed. Note that one of the requirements is to have a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who has attended a Walk. This person has important responsibilities concerning the Walk. 

Have a Question about Registration?

 Contact our Community Registrar at nashvilleemmaus@gmail.com and put Registrar in the subject line.

Face to Face


What is Face to Face?

 An adaptation of The Walk to Emmaus, Face to Face is specifically crafted to meet the needs and life-stages of older adults. The program seeks to invite men and women, ages 60 and older, to experience Jesus through an 8-session journey over anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks – depending on the setting - covering subjects such as discipleship, mission, grief, and end-of-life issues. The highly flexible schedule allows participants the freedom to engage in structured Bible study and prayer in a church setting or other community space. Led by clergy and lay leaders, Face to Face strengthens and renews followers of Christ and bolsters the spiritual life of individuals, families, and congregations everywhere. Face to Face is open to members of any Christian denomination who want to strengthen their spiritual lives, discover answers to their questions about faith, and are open to understanding the responsibility of living a Christian lifestyle. Encounters in the Nashville and surrounding areas  are currently being held twice a year at churches and retirement centers. Participation is open to all Christians 60 and above. Sponsors are helpful but not required for Face To Face. Pre-registration is required and participants must commit to attending all sessions.