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Serves Middle Tennessee, conducting ministries including The Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, and Face to Face.

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Let's Gather and Share the Good News!

Hello all -

What a wonderful Spring and early Summer we have had! With Men's Walk #197, Women's Walk #198, Face to Face Encounter #8, and Girls Chrysalis Flight #111 completed we have added nearly 100 new community members to our ranks. Thank you to all the servant leaders who made the events possible. 

The coming year offers opportunities for everyone, including transforming the community leadership to a governing board format.  Please prayerfully consider sharing your talents and gifts with the Nashville Emmaus community as we announce upcoming events and opportunities. If you want to discuss any specific opportunities you can contact me at 615-459-9279 (home), 615-828-9279 (cell) or by email at

Finally, Please join with other community members at our August gathering at Sango UMC in Clarksville, TN on Saturday, August 11, at 6:00 p.m.  We will share a meal together, then worship and communion.  As a special presentation we will share some detail about the new community structure and news about sponsorship.  This is a wonderful opportunity to come to see old friends, meet new friends and to share fellowship and worship.  

I hope you can help and/or join us for all the upcoming events.

We have just experienced the resurrection of our Lord and Savior - may we continue to experience the resurrection by sharing the love and grace of God that we received on our walks, flights or encounters.  May we always remember that we are counting on Christ - and Christ is counting on us.

De Colores!

Nita Wright

Community Lay Director

Sacrifice or Investment?

From the October 2017 Millbrook UMC, Raleigh NC Newsletter

 by Rev. Mike Frese 

 I think most people want to make a difference, even in a small way. They want their lives to count for something. But it can never happen until they care about something bigger than themselves. Something that really matters. As I write this today, I have just returned from being the Spiritual Director at a Walk to Emmaus event. Last Thursday afternoon, as I was hurrying out of the office after a frenzied morning making sure everything I typically do in a week was done by Thursday and as I was driving to the camp where the Emmaus Walk takes place, I began wondering if it was worth it. Was it worth it to add the extra time to prepare a long presentation, go through training and then give up a weekend for the actual retreat? Was it worth it to spend the money to participate in the walk, even though I was a leader? Was it worth the hassle of taking on one more leadership position and all the logistics that go with the job? As I arrived, the sacrifice of my time, talent and treasure weighed heavily on my mind. Then the weekend happened. I saw strangers become friends. I experienced closed hearts opening up to share deep hurts and hopes. A number of participants experienced substantial breakthroughs in their spiritual lives and faithful living. Afterwards, as I drove home I realized that what I had earlier named a “sacrifice” wasn’t really a sacrifice, it was an investment – an investment in God’s redeeming work. I know that this Emmaus Walk weekend will not make the history books. Yet, I cannot deny that something significant happened. God’s presence and power was made manifest. The work of the Holy Spirit changed lives. Many of the participants were transformed over the weekend. I didn’t do it all, but I did my part. Others also shared their gifts. For some, the sacrifice was greater than others, but God took the investment of all and used it for significant spiritual growth. This simple experience is a microcosm of our stewardship in the church. We all give what we can. Some give more, some give less, depending on the resource base of each person. God takes the gifts of our time, talent and treasure, empowers them through the Holy Spirt and does significant work for God’s kingdom. The more we give, the more God has to work with. How are you willing to invest your time, talent and treasure? 

The Walk to Emmaus

What is The Walk to Emmaus?

 The Link below will take you to The Upper Room Emmaus Website.  There is a lot of very good information about the Walk to Emmaus as well as a video produced by The Upper Room/Walk to Emmaus.  This video provides a good introduction to the Walk to Emmaus as well as testimonies and personal stories.

Upper Room Emmaus Website 

How can I attend a Walk to Emmaus weekend?

 Applications to attend the Walk to Emmaus in Nashville are available in the downloads section of this website. Detailed instructions are provided on the form including where to send it when completed. Note that one of the requirements is to have a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who has attended a Walk. This person has important responsibilities concerning the Walk. 

Have a Question about Registration?

 Contact our Community Registrar at and put Registrar in the subject line.

Face to Face

What is Face to Face?

 An adaptation of The Walk to Emmaus, Face to Face is specifically crafted to meet the needs and life-stages of older adults. The program seeks to invite men and women, ages 60 and older, to experience Jesus through an 8-session journey over anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks – depending on the setting - covering subjects such as discipleship, mission, grief, and end-of-life issues. The highly flexible schedule allows participants the freedom to engage in structured Bible study and prayer in a church setting or other community space. Led by clergy and lay leaders, Face to Face strengthens and renews followers of Christ and bolsters the spiritual life of individuals, families, and congregations everywhere. Face to Face is open to members of any Christian denomination who want to strengthen their spiritual lives, discover answers to their questions about faith, and are open to understanding the responsibility of living a Christian lifestyle. Encounters in the Nashville and surrounding areas  are currently being held twice a year at churches and retirement centers. Participation is open to all Christians 60 and above. Sponsors are helpful but not required for Face To Face. Pre-registration is required and participants must commit to attending all sessions. 

Seeking to serve or new to the Nashville area?

We would love to help you get plugged into our very dynamic and active community.

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