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Pilgrim Rosters

Men's Walk #201 Pilgrims

 Coming Soon!

Women's Walk #202 Pilgrims

Coming Soon!

Team Rosters

Men's Walk #201 Team

Steve Zuercher   

Simeon Treadway   

Brad Demonbreun   

Toni Jenkins   

David Martin   

Caroline Farmer   

Jay Rice   

Jim Dolezal   

Greg Christians   

Jason Watson   

Brock Hetherington   

David Anthony  

 Larry Reeves   

Andy Miller   

Craig Cardwell   

Michael Teston   

Tom Harmon   

Bruce Myers   

Dave Sokol    

Connell Stuard   

Kenneth Bald   

Jason Cole   

Eric Willyerd  

Kris Lee   

Barry Sanders   

Gary Smith   

Dewey Klahn   

Louise Cole   

Paul Henrie   

Steve LaSuer   

Clay Holt   

Chris Cook   

Ronnie Proctor    

Women's Walk #202 Team

Jennifer Trott

Janice Denton

Anne Proctor

Dory Eaves

Tracie Ensey

Paul Edwards

Caroline Farmer

Joel Nulty

Sandra Clay

Sommer Worley

Shari Donovan

Pamela Bond

Lisa Reeves

Nita Wright

Patti Corlew

Laura Trott

Cherie Jobe

Dottie Brown

Jackie Barnes

Kimberly Hall

Lynn Braseel

Mary Ann Rumley

Meredith Kate Yoes

Nancy Greene

Dianna Corson

Karen Hedges

Star McVey

Angi Morrison

Rebecca Zuercher



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Reunion Groups

Current Reunion Group List

You will find the current listing of Reunion Groups on the Downloads page.

Setzer Memorial Scholarship Fund


Setzer Memorial Scholarship Fund

 The Nashville Emmaus Community has tragically lost two of our members - Jon and Marian Setzer.  They were part of our community for over 30 years and truly lived their fourth days walking with and showing the love of Christ in everything they did and with whom they came into contact.  They will be greatly missed. As a memorial to Jon and Marian, the Nashville Emmaus Board has set up the Setzer Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Nashville Emmaus Community.  The donations will go to help assist those who would like to attend the Walk to Emmaus, Face To Face, or Chrysalis in the Nashville Community and need financial help.  Please consider making a donation of any amount for the Scholarship Fund in Memory of Jon & Marian.  You can donate from this site by clicking the button below, or send a check to :


Nashville Emmaus Community
P.O. Box 292643, Nashville, TN  37229

Please note on your check that it is for the Setzer Memorial Scholarship 

Community Board of Directors


Board Membership

2020 Class

Kim Monaghan - Board Chair/Community Lay Director

Sharon Wade - Treasurer

Roddy Strattman - Secretary/Database

Rev. Regina Hall - Spiritual Director 

Rev. De Hennessey - ASD

2021 Class

Dianna Corson - Team Selection

Brenda Lockhart-Registrar/Gatherings

2022 Class

Rev. Sandy Shawhan - ASD

Angie Walker - Agape

Freida Winkley-Raines - Agape

Robin Wilhite - Setup

Kim Roberts - Entertainment/Prayer Charts

Brock Hetherington - 4th Day 

Brandon Whitehead - Gatherings


Nita Wright - Past Chair